Provincie Antwerpen


Picturesque village

The small suburb of Berlaar is situated between two castle domains (Gestelhof to the northwest of the village centre, and Remeyenhof to the southeast). The picturesque village square is on Rameyenstraat between the church with its cemetery, the parsonage, centuries-old farms and a pillory.


The role of Kempens Landschap

In 2010, the municipality of Berlaar wanted to synchronise several necessary works in Gestel. Therefore, under the guidance of Kempens Landschap, a comprehensive vision was drawn up for the redesign and enhancement of the village centre. Beginning in 2011, the restoration of the parsonage, the cemetery wall and the historical pillory followed in succession. The square itself was redeveloped, so that the historical elements could be shown to advantage. To make this possible, two PDPO projects were submitted and carried out. Even though the works requiring major investment are finished, Kempens Landschap is still involved in the project and coordinates the development of a vision for the entire area.

Rameyenstraat 7