Provincie Antwerpen

Ter Speelbergen

Traditional Campine farm

This farm was built in a traditional manner with materials salvaged from historical buildings. Dr Jozef Weyns lived in Ter Speelbergen; he was the founder of Bokrijk. In addition to the residence, you will also find a barn from Kasterlee and a bakehouse from Diepenbeek. In the garden, there is also a small orchard.


The role of Kempens Landschap

In 2006, our organisation bought the domain Ter Speelbergen. Since then, the offices of Kempens Landschap have been located here. The non-profit Speelbergen-heem-Dr Jozef Weyns was set up to keep the heritage of Jozef Weyns alive.

Kempens Landschap has transformed a nearby agricultural field into a veritable corn maze on four different occasions. The last version, in the summer of 2015, attracted at least 8,500 visitors.

Check out the nearby Speelbergenbos too!

Peredreef 5
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